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Donating food is a great way to increase the supply of food and resources to those in need! Food donations are welcome throughout the year. Your efforts make an enormous difference in the amount and variety of foods we are able to distribute to feed hungry people in our community.



Special Campaign for March 2017


Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign: This March, Channel One Food shelf is challenging businesses, faith communities, schools, and other organizations to help end hunger. We need your help to meet the need in the Channel One Supplemental Food Shelf, our goal for 2017 is to raise $225,000 and 225,000 pounds of food during the month of March.

Register your organization today for the March campaign

Resources Available:

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Food and Fund Drives

Schools, religious groups, civic organizations, local businesses, and clubs conduct food and fund drives on behalf of Channel One. You can get involved by planning a drive for your group!

Register your drive to request available resources, collection barrels, and keep Channel One in the loop about your event.

Hosting a Food and Fund drive is a great way to increase the supply of food and resources to those in need! Channel One has created a Food and Fund Drive 101 Kit to help you get started on your next drive.

Download Food and Fund Drive 101

Resources Available

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For more information please call 507-424-1705.

Requesting Collection Containers for Your Drive

Decide Between Boxes & Barrels

Box of NonparishablesWhen to use your own boxes

Small to medium-size boxes (copy paper boxes) work well for food drives.  We encourage you to use boxes for any drive generating fewer than 300 pounds of food (roughly three full grocery carts of food).



When to use Channel One barrels

Channel One can provide barrels for food collection.  However we do ask that you limit the use of them to large drives where you expect to generate at least 300 pounds of food.  If your group can pick up empty barrels from our warehouse at the beginning of your drive, that's even better.  This keeps our transportation costs down and is another way you can help the Food Bank. Saving Channel One the delivery trip is equivalent to making an additional donation!

Ending Your Food and Fund Drive

Your Food & Fund Drive has ended.  It's a success!  It's time to tally up the numbers and bring the donations to Channel One.

Increase the value of your donation by delivering it directly to the Food Bank.  However, if you are unable to donate the transportation for your food drive, you can arrange to have Channel One pick up your donation. Due to the demand for agency order deliveries, large donation pick-ups and other regularly scheduled operational trucking functions, your flexibility is needed and appreciated.  Deliveries and pick-ups occur between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, Mon. through Fri.  Please note that during the holiday season and March Food Share, our pickup schedule fills quickly.

Why Add Funds to Your Drive

We encourage fund drives for individuals and organizations who want to know the best way they can help Channel One fight hunger. For every $1 donated, Channel One is able to distribute enough food to provide 4 meals!

Monetary donations provide the greatest benefit to the hungry families, children and seniors in our community. Even if you are already committed to doing a food drive, consider the option of adding a fund drive. Many individuals would rather write a tax-deductible check than pick up extra food at the grocery store for a food drive. A $25 cash donation can help us distribute enough food to provide 100 meals--that is stretching your donation farther and feeding even more people than a donation of food.

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